Paleo meals can be quick, easy, and so good!

on the table in 20 minutes or less

on the table in 20 minutes or less

I love to be in the kitchen. Seriously! I love to cook, and on the weekends is when I get to take my time and really create or recreate some fantastic things! But, reality is, I am like most people, and most people don’t have hours to spend knocking out a fabulous meal during the week! I try to at least get one large batch of something done on a Sunday to make a couple of nights easier during the week, but you know, best laid plans and such.

So, time. I work. And I ferry my daughter around. And I go to her games. And I take care of the house, the dogs, the errands, the list goes on and on. My mornings start at 5:30 most days, and I get home around 6:30 or so in the evening. Trying to be a good cavegirl and shoot for 8 hours of sleep a night means off to bed at 9 (hahaha, sorry, choked on my coffee there!) So that math gives me what about 2 1/2 hours between work and bedtime to do dinner, a little laundry, tidying the house, getting prepared for the next day…and people wonder why it is so difficult to fit exercise into the mix!

I am a huge fan of the Paleo Community, and all the Bloggers and Authors who put out such amazing recipes and ideas! They are delicious, healthy, and inspirational! Many are quick, but many require a little more time than I have on a weeknight. So where I am going here, is I will try to post the fast and easy stuff! The fast stuff, the things to put together from what you can keep on hand!

This is what we had last night:

Hot Dogs!
What do you need?
Organic Grassfed Applegate Farms Hot Dogs (Keep these on hand!)
Paleo Ketchup (I make mine from the 21 Day Sugar Detox and keep it on hand, but Tessemae’s all natural is a good option!
Paleo Mustard or May
Kraut! (Last night we used Farmhouse Culture Ginger Beet Kraut…yum!)
Sweet Potatoes (small)

here is the order of events….took less than 20 minutes:
Put a pan of water on to boil…about 1-2 inches of water is plenty
Put a skillet on to heat with a little coconut oil in it for the dogs
Place 2 small sweet potatoes in the microwave (fork pricked, then hit the potato button!)
Put your dogs in the skillet and roll them around periodically to get a good “char” going on it.
Place medium size broccoli florets in the boiling water…they only need about 4 minutes. (drain them, hit with a pat of Kerrygold butter, salt and fresh lemon juice…yum!)
Potatoes are ready? cut open and put a pat of Kerrygold butter in there too…season how you like….salt, pepper….cinnamon is good here too!
Put your dogs together….we placed each one in its own lettuce leaf (like a bun!) and added a little kraut, ketchup and mustard!
I threw a few cornichons on the plate because I had some on hand and I love them so!

That’s it!

easy right? quick? you bet! You can do this!
More later….gotta go make the bacon! (so I can buy the bacon!)


World Famous Veggie Dump Salad (Well, famous in my world!)


World Famous Veggie Dump Salad (Well, famous in my world!)

This has been a favorite in my house for years…although it started of with lots of beans and potatoes, now it is paleo and delicious and truly healthful! Build it how you like it with all your favorite veggies, never the same salad twice! But beware! it grows fast! this thing overflowed two giant bowls before I got done with it! Here is what it’s got (measurements of veggies…up to you!):
colorful cauliflower florets…barely steamed
broccoli florets…barely steamed
carrots…steamed with a little crunch left
barely steamed asparagus
halved brussel sprouts, just tender
raw veggies:
halved cherry tomatoes
lots of radishes
jicama sticks
red pepper

Add slices of fennel plus the fronds for a big flavor punch!
I toss in a pint of olives
a handful of chopped parsely
salt and pepper
about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of raspberry vinegar
a good splash of dry white wine if you like
squeeze some fresh lemon juice over it…and start tossing!
the longer it sits, the better it gets! just toss from time to time, it keeps in the fridge for days!

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(these pics will get better…having resolution issues)