Here I am!

This is my first time to write a blog….set it up…wishing my teenager was here to do it way faster than I can!  So I decided I needed a place to jot down more detail about this adventure I am on down a Paleo/Primal path!  I have been tinkering with Paleo for about a year and a half now, and have learned when I stick to the plan, I feel great!  I look great!  And when I stray, well, it is not pretty, and I trudge may way back to what is delicious and healthy for me.  I started my Paleo Journey to help with my Hashimotos, alot of arthritis issues, and feeling miserable, as well as weight issues.  I will post the story later, now to the food!  So.  First post!  Here I am!  (crickets…..)  The photo here was breakfast this morning…really simple and easy to take with me as I am a working mom…I usually grab my breakfast and eat at my desk once I am settle, deleted a bunch of junk email, you know.  Hard boiled eggs…that’s easy, right? Nestled in my little lunchbot with some avocado and tomato (a quick spritz of lime juice and sea salt on top) and some leftover pumpkin spice mini muffins from last nigh.  Yes…i will get that recipe up here this week, too delicious not to share!