Morning Routines





Mornings are always a race. No matter how early I get up I can fill the time and need more! From the moment my feet hit the floor, it is a steady pace from bedside to shower to kitchen to animals to out the door…and all the little steps in between!

When I was a teenager and started actually giving a flip about what I looked like when I left the house, I started showering in the morning instead of at night so my hair would be all shiny and wonderful for school where everybody would notice! ? Anyway, I have almost always had long hair, same back then. I would get so bored blowing out my hair, and one day started reading what was probably a school assigned book while I was drying my hair. Gave me a good 20-30 minutes of reading time…and I really enjoyed it! Well, that stuck. I have been reading while I dry my hair ever since! Ultimate multitask! I don’t need a mirror, and I am just sitting there, right? So that is part of my morning routine and I love it. It gets my mind working (along with the coffee!). It inspires me creatively, and keeps my stress level low in the morning when there is so much to get done to get out the door. The dryer is a great white noise so I do not get distracted as I read….so this is my little secret indulgence….I read every morning while drying my hair and sipping coffee (Coffee is only allowed if I drink my two bottles of water and take my supplements first!)

So if you call me or text me during reading time, you are just going to have to wait. Even though it is early in the morning, I look forward to this part of my day every day. And my hair is still all shiny and wonderful when I’m done!

Want a recipe? Okay, here is what’s in the coffee cup:

Fill the mug halfway with Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee (sometimes I go half and half with original and Mocha, but today, let’s call it original.)
Fill the other half with Almond milk or Whole Grassmilk (from grassfed cows)
Pop in the microwave for 1 minute or so until hot
I usually give it a dash of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp cacao powder
If I sweeten, a little Maple Syrup or Agave nectar…Honey is good in it too

Give it a whirl with a mini frother and enjoy!